Hi there, I’m Sahana.

I’ve always been fascinated with why people do what they do. My favorite game to play as a child was The Question Game. You’ve played it too. It’s simple: you keep asking questions until you stump an adult. And when you do stump them, you harass them with more questions. I was quite the charming child. This quickly became an excellent vehicle for me to learn about my world and the people in it.

It’s nearly 20 years later, and it is still my favorite game. Only now, the goal is to incorporate my favorite questions into my projects and work (with a little less harassment). Here are a few of my favorite questions which I spend a lot of time thinking about:

  • What drives people to build relationships with brands?
  • How do you manufacture desire and create user habits?
  • How do you build a thriving pay-it-forward behavior, without bribery?
  • How do different kinds of mentorship impact peoples’ growth trajectories?

As a marketer, I guess you could say I am interested in messing with peoples’ heads. GamificationPersuasive TechnologyNeuromarketing, and other behavior-influencing techniques are some things I love learning about.

As the generally-curious person that I am, I am incredibly interested in the intersection of serendipitous real world connections, social good, and the power of technology. This led me to create a mentorship  and growth accelerator program for high school students called “The Open Mind Experiment.” OM aims to empower students to unleash their inner excellence through creative experiences in building, collaborating and engaging with their community.

My personal stories are much better told in person. I always love to connect with and learn from good people in the world. I’d love to hear from you, even if it’s just to chat: sahana[at]sahanau.com.

About me

Building communities + marketing at Klout. Laughaholic. Inspiration addict. Craves depth. Lover of life, and ultimately people. More about me.